Dragon Cupcakes

I have 8 brothers. Yup, 8. I am the only girl and I am pretty happy with it that way. The way I see other people having sisters is like a black hole of your wardrobe. Apparently they wear your clothes and borrow your makeup and don’t bring it back. What’s up with that?

Dragon Cupcakes1

The downside of this is that I am a bit of a boy on the inside. Wow that sounds bad. I am all woman, I just don’t really like girly. . . stuff? I have a tiny Swarovski crystal pendant of a little girl with pigtails that I wear everywhere. She’s my inner girly girl who reminds me to look at the beautiful and playful side of life. Continue reading

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Broad Bean, Goats Cheese, Mint and Lime Dip

You wouldn’t believe the timing I had with this dip. After the hour it took me to put it together, Tyler walks in and tells me that our lovely neighbours have some of our friends (with their new baby girl) downstairs with them in the sun. Sunglasses and beer in hand, we headed downstairs with my immaculately plated dip. Geez, I must look like a stepford wife sometimes.

Broadbean Dip1

Life is not always this beautiful though if the truth was to be told. I really do appreciate leftovers during the week.  It’s a pathetic treat to not have to cook. Oh and take away! How that gets my heart racing. The fattening consequences of course are not ideal but any time that I don’t have to think of a meal midweek is like heaven. Continue reading

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Oven Express Review + One Very Happy Girl!

As you guys know, I love a good bake sale but 300 cupcakes, 400 cookies and an array of slices a few times a year as well as the usual weekly cooking will make a real mess of your oven. Especially when I’m pretty sure that no one has ever cleaned it before. We moved into our new place about 6 months ago and the last tenant had left the kitchen in a pretty shocking state. I cleaned everything back to new myself except the oven and so was absolutely thrilled when I was contacted by Oven Express to see if I would like to try out their service.

Oven Express1

I was very excited to learn that Oven Express are an Australian family owned business based in Sydney. I think it is so important to support our own in Australia and what better way than with a service that I now cannot live without.

From the moment that our lovely service man arrived, he was friendly, very courteous of our home, and a pleasure to have in my kitchen for the hour. I loved that the racks were cleaned in his van and not in my kitchen as my sink is inconveniently small. They were cleaned back to new and even the little rusted patches that I have tried everything on were gone. Continue reading

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Coconut, Cashew and Chocolate Bites (Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free!)

It has come to my attention that for a vegetarian, I do not really come up with any cliche vegetarian recipes. Lets be honest, I eat a lot of sugar and fat. . . neither of them the good versions of themselves. So here we go, my first raw, vegan AND gluten free (and processed sugar free I suppose) snackable that is FREAKING DELICIOUS.Raw Fudge

I tested these out on a whole range of demographics and found that it was a pretty successful and healthy snack! I have kept them in the fridge for the past 2 weeks and they are still perfect in texture and taste. Now that I’ve thought about that. . . I’m wondering how I had the self control to extend their life that long. Continue reading

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Pecan, Dark Chocolate and Smoked Sea Salt Cookies

So you know how you love salted caramel? Well you’re going to love these even more. These cookies were a huge hit at my bake sale last week and the bags of 4 cookies ($3.00) were sold out within an hour. There was like 20 bags!Chocolate, Pecan and Smoked sea salt cookies2

I aquired the smoked sea salt from a stall at the Sydney Good Food Festival this year. It costed me $10 for a tiny 50g bag but is totally worth it. Especially when it is so well matched with the pecans and dark chocolate. They cookies stayed a little bit chewy which I think just added to the whole mourish effect they had on everyone. Continue reading

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Blueberry Pound Cake

So Tyler’s favourite cake in the world is the Sara Lee Pound Cake that you can buy in the frozen section of the supermarket. I almost feel uncomfortable confessing this, even though it’s not me with the cake crush. Maybe I feel bad about not being able to make a cake that he likes more? Oh well, here goes nothing. . . my blueberry pound cake.

Blueberry Pound Cake1

I remember when I first witnessed him lay eyes on one. It was in a Franklins supermarket and he was so excited that he packed 8 of them into our trolley cart and turned to me to say ‘what if they run out?! I need to stock up’. I then proceeded to tell him that they were gross and would not sell out. Weeeeell, they did. And now they don’t sell them. Worst girlfriend ever? Continue reading

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Archie Has a Sore Tummy

Hi everyone,

So sorry that I have been slack this week but my poor little Archibald has been very sick. I woke on Friday morning and began cleaning their room which is usually met with Archie bolting away from the vaccuum but he just sat in the corner. . . very still. I then fed them their breakast which we have named ‘bunny crack’ because they run around my feet like junkies looking for their fix (Flatpac once bit me on the bum because I was in her way!). Archie still just sat there while Flatpac commenced flipping the bowl over and bouncing it onto the tiles.


I picked Archie up and he was cold. He was limp and had no fight in him. Rabbits don’t like being picked up and Archie didn’t even flinch. I placed him onto the bed and felt around his tummy to try and work out what the problem was. . . again he didn’t seem fussed. Well that was it, we were vet bound. Flatpac in tow of course. All I could remember was Porsche telling me how important moral support can be. I then wrote a note saying ‘Flatpac and Archie are a bonded pair, Please do NOT separate’ because the second thing I remembered was that they can become unbonded if separated. Continue reading

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Hummus – Hommus – Hommous?

Ummm can someone please clear this up for me? Everyone seems to spell it a certain way on both packaging and in recipes. Maybe there is no write or wrong. Maybe it’s different cultures or languages? Maybe it’s the way people pronounce it. What do you call it? Too many question marks?


I don’t even know how I spell it anymore. All I know is that I love it with heaps of lemon juice, an extra drizzle of olive oil and a big sprinkle of dukkah. Carrot sticks are my favourite accompaniment but I love pink salted pita crisps too. Both are very cheap to buy and the pita crisps are also very cheap to make. It is always my go to recipe for when unexpected guests pop over and I am making a big batch today so I can freeze smaller portions for snacking. It really is the perfect vegetarian meal wedge. Continue reading

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Caramel Apple and Cinnamon Cake

When I was a kid, we used to have these wicked bake sales at school and I would always request that Mum made toffees with 100′s and 1000′s or toffee apples. I adore toffee. Upon becoming a member of the blogging community a few years ago, I found that there was a different variation on the old apple on a stick that I loved so much. Caramel! and sprinkles! and nuts! I am not sure that I’m ready for the world of caramel apples on a stick, but I do love my caramel sauce over this cake.

Caramel Apple Cake

So I suppose this is an apple caramel really? I used the juice from poaching the apples to create the sauce. Whatever it is, it had such a great flavour. Like a big fat smack in the face from a bag of sugar. My favourite kind of smack in the face. Continue reading

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My Favourite Colcannon

I came across this dish while on the search for a vegetarian version of my Irish heritage. I think we’ve all said ‘potatoes’ in a lepricaun voice and if you deny this, I may have to call you a lier. Piiitatoes. Haha. Never gets old. ‘Gromit, we forgot the crackers’ usually follows as my variations of accents is well below average.


I am not sure of the original colcannon recipe but I am pretty sure that this is not it – If you are looking for traditional, look away. I was so excited about receiving this cabbage from Pops garden. He tells me it’s a sugar cabbage though for your reference if you are looking to create this comfort dish. Continue reading

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